Friday, October 01, 2004


This is a test.

Friday, January 09, 2004


There's no one here.

Look over there.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Who'd a Thunk It

A well publicized case in Ohio of a woman claiming to have lost the winning lottery ticket worth $162 million and suing the winner to get all or a part of the winnings has come to a predictable conclusion.
It seems that she was lying.
I don't know about you but I am SHOCKED to hear such a thing. People would lie to get control of $162 million?

Normal (or what passes for it)

Everything should be slowly getting back to normal over the next day or so, with this site going away, and moving back to the "old" new home.

By Saturday, everything should look like it did a week ago, barring any further disasters.

*knocks on wood*

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Even the Libs are Peeved

In an earlier post I mentioned that the Prez may be in trouble with his new immigration policy.
Now it seems the Libs are joining in to voice their displeasure with the presidents new policy.

Davison Grandstands

In a sign that gubernatorial candidate Pat Davison is desperate for attention to revive his flagging campaign. He has taken to political grandstanding by signing another worthless campaign pledge called the "taxpayer protection pledge."

When your campaign is floundering nothing revives it better than making another hollow promise to show your sincerity.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Pre-MBB Bash

It was my great pleasure to site down with Wulfgar for an evening of food, beverage and conversation.

I think that if it hadn't been a weeknight, we would have been out much later than we were!

At any rate, it seems like whenever I meet a fellow blogger or reader, they are, without exception, generous to a fault.

So, Mr. W, I thank you for a great visit and meal tonight, and look forward to doing it again soon!

Al Gore to be Knighted?

The 'father of the Web' is to be knighted for "services to the Internet."
I thought this was a story about Al Gore.

From the "D'Oh!" Files

Spotted on campus today:

A sign from the College Republicans (all three of them, I suppose) that has a picture of Brian Schweitzer, Hilary Clinton and someone else (probably Max Baucus), with the title "Axises of Evil."

Don't they teach grammar at MSU anymore?

Of course, given this thesis, it may be something else entirely, though I'm inclined to believe in the former.

"Green Card" George

The new immigration policy of the Bush administration will surely clash with his conservative supporters since it in essence gives amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Bush Beware!

One of the traditional bases of support that Republican presidential candidates have enjoyed has been that of sportsmen and women.
Unfortunately recent environmental policy changes that the Bush administration have implemented may be endangering this support.
Folks who enjoy the great outdoors aren't always tree hugging Greens but include folks with solid conservative credentials. While on the whole they support development of our natural resources what is usually forgotten is their love of the outdoors and the passion to preserve it for their children.
Current administration policies of subsidized clearing and extracting of our nations wildlands for the profit of a few corporations is beginning to wear thin with many of these folks.

Comments Are Live

Looks like comments are up and running, so contrary to what Randy says, I can hear what you are saying about me.

Say that Again?

Saith the Guess-At-It:

The late Don Anderson was instrumental in wresting control of most of the state's daily newspapers from the Anaconda Copper Mining Co.


Anderson [...] orchestrated the sale of five of Montana's daily newspapers to Lee Enterprises in 1959.

So, it's good to wrestle away the newspapers from corporate interests, as long as you are selling back to corporate interests?

Principal at Drug-Raid High School in S.C. Resigns

An update to a story that Sarpy Sam first commented on in November.
It seems that the principal who authorized a drug-raid at his high school that included handcuffing some students and the police pointing their weapons at others has "realized it is in the best interest of Stratford High School and of my students for me to make a change."
Is this the real reason or could it be that he may need the time off to prepare for two federal lawsuits filed against him by students or that the well known political gadfly, Jesse Jackson, has arrived in town and is embarrassing the school board and city fathers?

Who is Randy?

You will see occasional posts from Randy and I'm sure that you are wondering who that is.
It's the same Randy from A Secular Franciscan Life.
Craig has asked me to guest post for him while out of town. Although it does seem odd that his "server" goes down the same day I am supposed to begin guest posting. Coincidence? Maybe...
So if you see posts with my name on the bottom and you don't agree with them send the hate mail to me at my weblog and I will give it the thoughtful consideration that it is due.
Just remember, Craig is out of town and he can't hear what we say about him!

Conservatives Unhappy with Bush

In a story that may surprise some but should surprise none conservative supporters are starting to voice their unhappiness with President Bush over his spending habits.
Discretionary spending during the present Bush administration has seen a 31.5% increase compared to 3.4% during the Clinton years. The budget increase for our current president has increased at a pace unmatched since the administration of Bush Sr.
While this president may be a conservative on social issues it seems that he may not hold the same beliefs when it comes to his fiscal responsibilities.

Monday, January 05, 2004

OK, here's the scoop. The server had a failure of some sort, and I didn't have time to fix it before I left. So, everything is down for this week.

As soon as I get back, I'll get everything fixed. There was no data loss, so everything will be able to be restored.

I'd like to publicly thank Wulfgar! for getting the word out, as well as for his kind offer. (He knows what it is.)

I'll try to get some comment system going here, but we'll have to see how the time goes.

In the meantime, if you have something to say, or need to contact me, drop me a line at:

Sorry for the inconvenience!